Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hair perm in sg!

After what seems like forever, I finally went for hair perm after 3 years hiatus. 

Since I have left HK, no more Ito San to do my perm anymore...:( 

I tried a local salon in orchard for haircut n my experience was terrible. The shampoo gal was a Malaysian and she totally tore my scalp off while washing. I didn't even realise it till i was colouring my hair n wondering why it sting so much n when I reach home, my scalp hurts. 
I could not even have rain shower water hitting my head coz it bloody hurts! Having been pampered by Ito San salon for so long the gentle washing, I had a rude shock back in sg. 

I looked at my head n saw two big angry red wound on my scalp on both sides!!! The stylist told me I must have scratched it myself while showering. I was like first I have no nails due to baby and secondly I never ever scratch my head with fingernails either! I know that since primary school ok! 

So my hunt for Japanese salon in sg begun. I came across art noise salon n Thot of checking them out first with cut n colour.

As expected, Japanese stylist never disappoints!

My stylist is shuji San n he arrived only just 8 months prior. However he was communicative about the style discussion etc. His English wasn't fluent so we tried Japanese though mine was terrible. I have forgotten so much after lack of use in 3 years. Still we managed lol.

Due to my time constraint, to rush back cook dinner for baby, he finished my perm n treatment under 1.5hr. He was very understanding about my need to leave by 5.30pm

We discussed a little n I told him I would like a natural big wave look. So here we are today with my new perm in unedited shot

Sunday, April 10, 2016

5 April: Moving!

After much deliberation we have finally decided to move back to Sg to save rental cost since hubby still not working. Doesn't look like he will find a job soon with all the Chinese requirements

We just got back from Australia visiting his family and as usual, his fucking sister pissed me off again. Another story another time.

One thing my mother in law noticed n came to ask me privately was "what is wrong with her son". She too thought he has become a different person, impatient, quick to point fingers, sensitive and basically not thinking clearly making a lot of time wasting decisions. I told my Mil that it has been like that for a while n I'm tolerating him for over a year now. Especially the quick to get angry part really pisses me off. A few times now I have to tell him off to let me finish my sentence. 

Since we decided to move back, again he did nothing. He said he will contact Santa Fe n guess what? Ended up with me doing everything. I told him to pack some of his personal stuff quickly as we need to make use of all times, fucking ignore me. Rather waste his time looking at non urgent things like property market in oz, download movies, surf internet n Fb, arrange lunches with frens. Do I want to slap him, of course. 

So I wrote a list of things for him to do n he still procrastinating giving invalid reasons. Told him to update address with banks n terminate gas acct, he tells me must wait till Monday. Of course I was annoyed since Monday will be busy taking baby for injection etc n grocery shopping. I ask why cant he do it today? He says must go bank. I told him why can't do online? He says don't have n must submit form. I login to update my address n told him "u can do it online". Only then he says I just saw it. Then he exclaim oh cannot! No overseas address option. I really cannot take it n told him "yes u can! I just did it!!! The option is right in front of u". 

Then he complain he's hungry n no food. No bread etc. I search the fridge n said there's chicken thigh he can eat. Then he said "but there's nothing to eat with" I was annoyed. I told him "can't u just cook rice with it? U first complain there's no food, then I found meat for u you want to pick n say nothing to eat with?" Silence. Then I added "why can't u eat your cereal?? I bought a new pack for u n there's milk n fruits." Then he went "oh yah"

See what I mean by I have to think of everything for him? It's almost like his brain has shrunk?

Even selling of furniture or talking to landlord etc, he depends on me to do it. I dunno why he cannot do it but never mind. It's faster that I do it. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Jan 2016: The "backlog" moronic ex maid left behind

Now that bloody moronic maid is gone, been doing most things myself. Twice a week a local lady comes in to cook lunch which gives me some respite to catch up on other admin things. 

Other than that I'm actually super happy that I get the whole place back to myself! Especially my laundry room that I can wash through the night and turn on my humidifier to dry the clothes thoroughly! With the bitch in the way, i have to mess up my living room with racks and worse clothes don't dry properly since the area is too large to have effective humidifier working. Plus, when I cook, my kitchen is always in clean state. ALWAYS. Not the bloody oily piled up mess she leaves behind. Plus I have to make up for her slackness. She spend 3 hours every night dunno clean what fuck. I spend one hour and to clean areas she never wiped!!! So obvious when I see all the dirt n dust in the drawers handles grooves, bits and pieces of food under the cabinet area, and the exhaust hood. Fucker must be spacing out in that 3 hours pretending to work. The inside of the cabinet doors are filthy in the 7 months she was here. So the last few days had been me catching up on the cleaning load that she left behind. My hubby was concerned that I was cleaning so much but I told him I need to refresh my kitchen. All the chopping boards so filthy so I bought new ones. My wmf knives are wreaked n my scan pan non stick pan are goners.all these need to restock. 

Toilets. I need to rescrub them as I realise she has NEVER clean it with the toilet detergents. I bought 3 bottles and they are all there untouched. FULL. She has just been using water and cloth n got knows how often she change the cloth. No wonder I always thought my toilet don't smell fresh. She only make sure there are no mould on the tiles as I check n ask her to scrub and she can't laze on that. 

Bedsheets. Told the bitch to change bedsheets realise she never wash the mattress protector for months! Dear lord. 

So imagine all the backload I had to clear over the long weekend. Of course my hubby won't understand or know the massive cleanup involved. Sigh. 

Despite being sooo busy, yet I'm immensely happy. Now... If only my little one will give me more time to scrub the carpets....

Thursday, December 31, 2015

31 Dec: Bye you moron

During the whole Xmas period, my moronic maid is back to her stupid useless attitude self. Not sure what is wrong with her, she just got this "fucking don't ask me do anything" aura. 

We think she's upset coz we ask a local lady to come in cook twice a week and she prob find it insulting. But the problem
Is she can't cope though it's because she's lousy n disorganised and not because she has a lot to do.

So ever since our local lady came, she has been working even slower n careless despite my husband explain to her than we get someone else to come in on her grocery days so that she has more time to do clean up. Instead of being appreciative, she give us attitude instead. One night she decided to burn all the food n soup. Another night she put so much ginger as big as your palm, and turn my soup into ginger water instead. Basically she just screw up everyday. When we ask her why she just say don't know.

Then one day during lunch, I told her 3 times, my hubby once that we have finished lunch and she can clear the table.she did not respond.  So I walk to kitchen and asked her "did u hear us?" She snapped at me and asked say wait lah! why I'm angry at her.

I said, what do u mean angry? I merely asked I if u heard us since we said it 4 times n u said nothing. We were quite pissed with her attitude.

That night, my hubby finally Agreed that she can't stay on. She is not appreciative of the second chance we gave her after she beg for her job back. I'm a little annoyed because now we have to pay her to go instead of at no cost if he had listen to me and let her resign.

We discussed and decide she should leave on 11th Jan. Just to make it easy for me to calculate the food allowance bit. Plus that means the latest she can stay in HK is till 25th Jan before we fly off.

On 28th night, we served her notice of termination. She don't look too surprise which means she prob had been planning for us to fire her. my hubby told her the last day is 11th and that means she has 2 weeks with us. She said ok. And I heard her starting to pack her stuff.

On 29th next morning, I woke at 7.30am and saw she was not home and no housework was done. The bitch left a note that she can't work as she wants to go agency to find new job. What the fuck. I'm still paying u n we did not give you permission to not work and go off.

My husband was pissed. She threw our plans for the day in disarray and luckily I had the local lady to cook lunch today. So I quickly vaccum n mop the floors and did the laundry. Luckily we had food for me to cook dinner too!

The bitch initially refuse to answer my call. I call her agent to tell her she better tell my maid to answer because I did not give permission. The helper quickly text back and ask me to give her time and I should be u set standing that she need to look for new employer. I feel like telling her fuck you. But instead I told her to come back by 2pm n I treat it as she take half day leave. By 2pm she text n said she can't come back. So I said fine. I treat it as whole day leave. 

Meanwhile my man n I decided she's leaving next day. No point keeping someone who will not work well. I called labour department n was told I cannot grant her leave but instead I can deduct her pay as no pay leave but compensation I still need to pay her the prorated annual leave. Strange but fine by me. 

That night she came back, my hubby told her to look at the compensation amount.she agreed n once she sign the agreement, we told her she has to
Leave next morning.

I know we can ask her to leave immediately but we are not that arseholic.

While she was away, I did everything in half the amount of time she takes. I cleaned the kitchen in an hour, don't know why she needs 3. I finished vaccum n mop, pack the beds n living rooms in 30mins, she takes 2 hours. I could clear at least 5 loads of laundry in a day, dry and fold in between the day. She usually can only do 2 loads if I leave her to her own devices. Useless moron. 

Today I could even finish all the ironing under an hour. Clear all laundry. Cook and look after baby and still have time to blog. She usually takes 2 hours ironing?

That's why she always seem to have a lot of things to do but it's just her being sooo disorganised n unable to multitask. She does not know how to plan her chores to work effectively. Her productivity rate is close to 10 percent. Average maid prob 40%. 

I'm just so glad she's gone and I can reclaim my space and now I can plan my day effectively n know what to do first m last. With her around, things never seem to move and my kitchen is always messy with plates everywhere. She cannot wash n cook at the same time. She can only do single task in the space of time. Usually I would wash as I cook n when I finish eating, I would put away all those dried washing n so I only have the dinner plates left. Unlike her, it's always a mountain load. 

I went up to my roof n notice she hadn't watered my plants prob the whole week. The soil was dry n leaves withered. Bitch. 

Moral of the story. 
My work efficiency... am equivalent to 2 maids at least.

25th Dec: merry Xmas!!!

It's a little late but Merry Xmas and happy new year!!! Baby had a good day toying with the Xmas tree. Mummy thinks he has that cheeky look that thinks he can get away with mischief....

He had 2 presents this year, one from Uncle Jamie from Oz and another from auntie Eileen from SG. Lucky boy I say!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

21dec: Sleep!

Winter has been so shiok. So nice to sleep in and baby is enjoying his sleep too!! Ever since I let daddy watch n care for him, both turning into late night owls n I had to put a stop to daddy turning my boy into late night baby!!! 

He used to sleep by 10pm or earlier but daddy been letting him zzz at 11.30pm!! I was pretty adamant that it's not right!!! Daddy did it so baby can sleep in later n he don't have to wake up early. I had to intervene when he said baby didn't want to sleep early but I saw baby rubbing eyes!! So I had to put baby to sleep by 9.30pm one night so that I could get him back into his old cycle. Of course that means daddy says he's tired coz baby is back to being up by 7 instead of 9am. 

This grobag by the way is awesome. Little one slept sooo well!! So comfy n the little one loves it! I bought one sleeveless to pair with grosuit and another grobag with quilted sleeves so that he can wear his thinner onsies inside

My boy has my sleeping genes. He can sleep 14-15 hours a day. Some babies his age sleeps far less. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing...

20 Dec: Feeding baby

This cooking for baby thingie sucks up so much time but I'm glad at least the little one seem to enjoy his food. His dad complains he doesn't even get such kingly treatment! Lol! 

There's a bloody long list of food I haven't got round to feeding him. 
The only things I have fed him by 8 months for the last 2 months

1. Avocado
2. COD fish
3. Pork
4. Chicken breast
5. Hairy gourd
6. Zucchini
7. Baby kale
8. Swede
9. Sweet potato ( not his fav)
10. Carrot
11. Pumpkin
12. Butternut squash
13. Ginger
14. Green pea
15. Apple
16. Pear
17. Mango
18. Banana
19. Rice for congee
20. Dried sardines
21. Longan
22. Yogurt
23. Baby Spinach 
24. Egg yolk
25. Oat cereal
26. Grapes ( not his fav)
27. Papaya ( not his fav) 

Things waiting to try when I find time
1. Nectarine/ peaches
2. Cheese / formage frais
3. Bread ( don't fancy the sugar in it)
4. Pasta / macaroni
5. Tomato
6. Broccoli
7. Black berries
8. Weetabix
9. Tofu
10. Beef
11. Winter melon
12. Garlic
13. Onion
14. Corriander
15. Rosemary
16. Nutmeg
17. Cinnamon
18. Persimmon
19. Rock melon

Was shopping in Citysuper the other day and was stopped by his HK grandmother. She kept staring at us when we bought the cod. Then she explained she wanted to know wat I was feeding my boy as she thought her grandson is too small for his age. I was surprised that she didn't seem to know what to feed n portion to feed the child, and she's doing the reading up instead of the mum? Seems like she's the primary care taker. She seemed surprised that I cook my porridge in meat stock instead of plain water. She seemed even more surprised that I added a variety of ingredients into one meal. 

She asked me what normally goes inside my baby's meal.  I told her for lunch and dinner normally 1 meat+ carrot+ squash+ avo+veggie with 1 fruit. Makes up to half rice bowl. Her eyes went wide saying that's a lot. My eyes went wide when she said she only has 2 ingredients and her grandson is already over 9-10months. Wait till she hears how much fruit I put in the morn yogurt... Lol. Even little one daddy is jealous, not to mention saying so much work since he's on baby duty this whole week while I'm Sick. 

The only problem I have is little one doesn't know how to feed himself yet. I have no idea how to progress him to finger food. He takes it, he squeezes n squash them but won't put in his mouth. He only takes food from spoon. That lazy bugger. He was drinking from cup when young but now he got lazy n refuse. When I feed him water via spoon, he will blow bubbles at the spoon n spit water out for fun. He won't do that to his food but water, he will keep playing with it and let them dribble out. Drives me nuts. 

And what's with eating and pooing?!! Everytime I start feeding him in his high hair, he will want to poo. Then I'm stuck between feeding him or change his nappy. Damnit. 

Meanwhile...still thinking about when to stop with breastmilk. Initial goal was 3 months, got moved to 6 months and now it's 9 months!! I think 12 months is too much. Ever since I embark on this breastmilk thingie, my body has gone shit and I keep falling sick. Recovery is slow as snail. I miss my rest hours. Then again, partial guilt arises if I decide to stop when I see him lapping up breast milk so heartily. Damnit. 

My gf told me she faces the same delimma previously when deciding when to quit. Yet after she quit, she said she felt so happy n wonder why she took
So long. Makes me wonder if I feel the same. My hubby is dying for me to
Quit. Only coz it frees up his time lol. The more time I have, the more time he has to Do his stuff. Of course he knows it too that baby prefers his breastmilk..  Sigh. 
Another month then see? 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

15th Dec: The idiotic maid strikes again

Back to story of my idiotic maid where she wanted to leave and then ask for her job back.

I wanted to get rid of her but my hubby preferred to keep her on. To avoid a situation where we might end up fighting without a maid, obviously I have to give in since I don't want somewhere down the road he blame me for the decision to rid her should he be busy n stress over meals n baby again. 

So the stupid one gets to stay. She was happy of course and apologise n promise to work better. Blah blah blah. 

Although she definitely stop with her stupid black face, her other stupid habits remain

Plus she is stupid. 
When we were on holiday, she think we didn't know she went out and didn't come back till 10pm. We called the house from 7-10pm n the only time she answered was 10pm. 

When we came back, I could feel the floor is dusty but I kept quiet thinking maybe I was paranoid. Then baby in pristine white onsies started crawling and his whole clothes were black when I picked him up! I went to stupid maid room at 9.30pm n asked her when she moped the floor and she replied yesterday. I told her"go mop the floor now it's filthy. You look at baby clothes!! It's black!!!" She kept quiet and mop the floor plus the rooms. So obviously while we were away, she has been lazing. Of course she claimed she clean the house everyday.

Today, her attitude came back n I told her off. She slipped up saying that "the paint repair" was so strong smell so she cannot work as she don't want to put her health at risk. Firstly the smell isn't that strong because it's only a small wall section in study room (size of your backside) and secondly, there was no smell when we got back on Friday. If the smell was so strong, it would have lingered. Most of all, she contradict herself saying she cannot work with that smell, and yet she say she mop the floor (which was a lie since I can feel the layer of dust on my feet n see it on baby clothes)

My husband and I have decided, we can't trust her and he agree with me that we should start looking for new maid. 
Finally he agree that he can't trust her as well. I think what rub him off the wrong way was how she asked to go back Philippine while we were on holiday and expect us to give her extra days off to allow her a "week" back home. We told her we are departing on 8th m back on 12th so she can leave on 7th n back on 11th night. But she wanted to leave on 5th and expect me to give her time off (not leave). I said no flat out. She almost lost her job and still have cheek to demand for off days? Fuck off.

Well at least we can start looking while stupid one still works here, provided she don't throw another hissy fit. 

12 Dec: Back from trip

We are Back from holiday and I am now full blown sick. Cough, cold and weak. 

It was a first adventure with baby on plane. So much things to bring and prepare!!! Had to wake up extra early to prep his congee, steam his food to bring to plane and thankfully because he's still young, he was easy. Slept half the flight both ways, drank his milk and then was time to land:)  no cries, just a happy baby. Relief! Even the lady next to us complimented he was such a good baby. 

We took little one to Phuket for his first proper swim in the pool. Worried might be too cold for him but he seems alright though I took him out of the room pool once I saw him dribbling. (He had a cold 4 days before we took off) 

The main pool was warmer and so we decided to let him play there instead. Daddy bought all those flotation devices but he didn't like any of it. He rather be held. I think it's the lack of sense of security. He had a good time at least, better than sick mama. I was hit by mild food poisoning. Then runny tummy, then cough, cold sore throat. Basically just sick. 

But it was good to get away. 
At least little one had fun I think. 

We stayed in Andara resort. The room was by far the best we had stayed. It was huge and bed comfy. They even have baby bottle steriliser n bottle warmer. The kitchen was a proper full kitchen with huge fridge. The only let down I found was the food. It wasn't good and frankly that's how I ended up sick coz something I ate wasn't fresh. Suspect it's the grilled pork neck which tasted stale.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

25 Nov: falling back to routine

Finally! My boy is well again and back to his good old self! 

That means no more clingy whiny boy that needs constant carrying to sleep. He is back to falling asleep on his own after I put him on the bed. All I need is to lay next to him and watch him slowly closing his eyes n succumb to Zzzzz monster. 

I don't know how other babies sleep at 8pm. I guess those mums must enjoy waking at 5 or 6am? I let my little one sleep at 10 or 10.30pm n wakes at 7.30 or 8am. Thank goodness he is back to sleeping through the night again without waking. 

His appetite been huge these days. Must be another growth spurt. He's chucking down like 220-200ml each session. Which is really a lot since his usual prior sickness was average 160ml saved for the morn 200ml when he first woke. We are wondering if it's not growth spurt, then he must be making up for lost fats. He has definitely lost weight after that horrid 3 weeks of sickness n small food intake. Now, he is chomping down his solids and his milk like a champ! 

He's keeping longer awake hours now. Averaging 10 waking hours a day. The best way was to go out n keep him distracted with new surroundings. Then he will be really exhausted when he gets back. Save me having to play with him for long hours.

Meanwhile, I am trying to ward away this annoying stuff nose n start of a cough. It has been bothering me for a while. It's not full blown but it's not gone either. Irritating. 

Another of my gf seem to be struggling a lot with new parenthood. Her boy can't seem to sleep well. Well, it's partly her own fault I think. 

When the baby was discharged, she didn't take my advice to swaddle the baby. I told her she had to Wrap his hands to prevent jerking motion. Just leave his legs free to move. I even recommended the really good swaddle me up bag for newborn. Instead of trusting me, she said her confinement lady tell her don't need to swaddle and she told me that Canada don't swaddle babies. I left it to her n her decision since its her baby. 

Yet few weeks later, she shared that her baby is not sleeping well, always restless n keep waking up coz he gets startled by his own hands jerking. After 3 weeks she decides oh she better swaddle. 

I told her to go get the sleep bag that will keep newborn snug n prevent jerking. 2 weeks later she complain baby still crying n not sleeping well. I ask what happen n the bag don't work? She said baby still jerking and active in sleep. I was surprised the bag didn't work since it worked so well with my boy n another excolleague whom I had given the bag to (her baby had the same jerking crying problem) 

After chatting a while, then I realise she didn't use the bag I recommend but put the baby in a sleeveless sleeping bag. 
*face palm* how will sleeveless bag help your hand jerking motion? Didn't I explain to u already?? 

I replied that sleeveless sleep bags are really only good for 3 months onwards because those are more for preventing them Kicking blankets off rather than for hands (strangely my boy likes his blanket. Lol) 

So after close to 1.5month, my gf n her hubby are still experimenting n mucking around instead of just heeding my advice to get the tried n tested product for their problem. She remarked "your baby is really so much easier to look after than mine"

I didn't tell her coz I don't wait around till the problem manifest into a sleep problem! I mean a sleepless baby has got to be a cranky one right?! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

18 Nov: a small respite

After 2 weeks of sheer fatigue, little one is finally better. The cough is finally almost gone. Thank god!!

These 2 weeks have been hell. Especially at night where he refuse to let us put him down and he will scream when we try to put him in bed. So imagine carrying him from 11pm- 5am. My husband had to help since boy will not let me carry him. Both of us are sick n my man cough is so severe that he needed 2 rounds of antibiotics. Lack of sleep is a terrible thing.

So when my boy finally allow me to carry him n sleep with me, allowing my man to sleep through the night, it was a relief n he def felt better. I got to sleep from 4am till 7am after baby settled down in bed proper. I fed him n started congee n ask my mil to watch the flame while I pump milk. Just as I'm done, baby fell asleep n we both slept for 2 hours. That felt good!!! 

Today little one is happy. Made his new special funny face. Totally cracked us up

18 Nov: decision...

Spoke to my man about maid's request to let her continue working. 

We thought about it and debate the pros and cons. My personal stance is to release her but my hubby is more reluctant because he said I won't be able to cope with an increasingly demanding boy. He raised the issue of cooking and buying groceries and cleaning up after cooking. He said he doesn't have bandwidth to do all that. Even if we hire part time at hk70 an hour, it's gonna be very ex. But most of all, he said having gone thru 2 weeks of hell with baby refusing to sleep at night n both of us sick, it is handy to keep her on hand till we can find someone better.

But of course he recognise n agreed with the fact that this maid has broken out trust n that she frustrates us n it's something worth factoring in. She will undeniably revert to her ownself once she cannot cope if there's a slight change of norm.

So my husband propose to keep her with last warning, that the next time she throw tantrum, there will be no Speeches or conversation. Out of the house she goes immediately. Also, we will lay down terms that if we decide to hire additional help, she will shut up n don't complain n just work along. If she's not happy she can leave. 

It's not ideal but well I guess I have to try it out. No choice since unlike sg where hawker centered aplenty, HK is tougher where I live in central. I don't want to be spending hk200 every meal to eat out. 


Monday, November 16, 2015

16 Nov: someone asking for her job back...

I knew my maid so well. I was just telling my hubby last night that I think she will ask for her job back. Coz she has been going extra mile to do everything correctly. 

As expected, she ask me today if I want her to continue working here. 

I ask her but u are the one who throw your temper, say very stress and want to quit. U sure u want to stay? She say yes, she already work 5 months here already n her phone spoil. Hello your hp spoil my business? 

Anycase, I told her I need to discuss with my hubby. I think she realise that if we fire her she has zero hope of looking for new employer. 

What do u think? Keep or fire? 

16 Nov: say what? More sickness!??!

I really can't catch a break can I? 

Just when I thought my little boy was getting better after the mild scare of seeing mucous in his poo, he's down with fricking Roseola infantum! 

The other night, had to take him to hospital out patient coz he was crying from 12-4.30am. Couldn't tell what was wrong. 

Those GP are really no good. Prescribe something baby unfriendly for my little one. Took baby to see PD the next day as PD was concerned about his sudden high fever at 39 degree n mucous poo etc and called me. He wanted to be sure it wasn't something else (can't rem the name but something about swollen testicles) 

Today while my hubby was changing diapers, my mil saw the red rash on body. The problem with hubby being colour blind, it's risky coz he can't see red spots or red rash or cuts etc. Doesn't help that he's already not an observe t guy. Sigh. I worry sometimes I will miss out symptoms coz it's all on me to spot any physical surprises. 

Watsapp my PD n he called back to say not to worry. 

This explains a lot. Why baby has been fussy n irritable the past week. Explains the on n off fever. All those cough n cold were also part of Roseola infantum symptoms. I had a nagging suspicions it might be more than just simple cold coz it was running into 2nd week. Just didn't know wat was it. 

Well, hopefully the fact that baby wants to drink his milk again n laughing again means he's getting better!!! I certainly hope so coz no way I can survive with so little sleep n fighting cough n cold. 

Thank god I repeat, my mil is here. Even when she tired, she still carry little one to sleep. At almost 8kg, even I feel tired but my mil really soldier on. She will wash my bottles for me when I crash n help cook congee for baby when I'm stuck pumping. I am deeply grateful for my
Mil. Some people only know how to open mouth n pester u have kids but won't lift a finger to help. My mil while hoping we will change our minds never once pressured me n yet soooo helpful n caring to make sure I get to sleep. 

I was thanking her tonight while carrying baby. Hubby was heating up ginger tea. I jokingly said if mum wasn't here I will die. Or that my hubby n I will prob be fighting away. 

My mil immediately said "no! Cannot fight over baby! That's something u guys must not do. Anything talk it out calmly, be calm. Don't fight or shout. "

Both my husband n I kept quiet. My hubby was unusually quiet n made no comments. I don't shout. Esp when fighting I usually talk tersely but I don't like to shout. I am assuming mum knows n it's her son she's hinting to. 

Let's hope baby will get better soon. 
I dread to think teething will be horrid!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

11 Nov: sacking maid (part 2)

So the argument with my maid continued. She says she very stress coz a lot of work to do. She always very busy already but I'm not happy. 

I retort 
"I'm not happy coz u always give me black face. I'm paying u salary why I should put up with your black face day in day out." 

Maid says "no I never give black face! I'm very busy. I think U need some one extra to help"

I told her
"You were giving everyone in the family black face. Even my in laws who are so mild n gentle can see your black face so it's not me picking on you. You cannot see your own face but I'm telling you it's black n I have warn you before during interview I do not accept black face. U have issues u tell me, don't give me silent attitude. I told u before I sack my first maid because she gave me black face. For u I give u repeated chances but u still give me black face. I warn u at least twice to quit with your face.

I'm your employer, I'm not your mother not your friend. I pay you salary to make my life easier, not to see your black face when you not happy. 

You don't tell me too much work because one you already saw the place during the interview n I ask u if u can manage and you say yes. Your hiring condition to me was you do not want to work with another maid. U rem that? 

And how many employers out there will still help the maid do laundry, wash up plates n pots, hang clothes etc? I have been helping u because I see you cannot cope. U think I enjoy washing all baby pots n pans n bottles n clothes n make food instead of asking you but I know u r busy so I do myself. U think my frens don't have maid? People ask me why I have maid but still So busy? U think other maids have good life? Some start work at 5am end at midnight. U get to start 7.30am n finish by 10.30pm

You think I don't want to eat fresh food everyday but if I let u go marketing everyday you cannot cope! U will have no time to do anything else.

U think I'm bad boss? U r stress? I'm more stress! I feel like I have two children instead of one. 

Hello, u go touch your heart and ask around, u think other HK maids get to use aircon whole night even when cleaning kitchen? They lucky if they have fan. U think other maids get to use dishwasher to wash plates instead of hand wash n dry? I'm making your life easy coz I don't want u tired at night n can rest early but did u thank me? No. I even do grocery shopping for you at my resting time instead of asking u to do it and carry the heavy grocery back. U know THAT is your job, not mine right? Did u thank me? No. All u complain is u r stress. Hello, u make me more stress correcting your mistakes all the time!!

When I tell you to hang clothes, don't clip you ignore me consecutively for 4 days. You don't even respect me n my instructions. How else can I explain hang clothes with hangers don't clip so that u can understand? I don't even want to raise my voice at you so I wrote it down. But u still ignore my requests. U think I
Should be happy with that? U are not sick of hearing me I'm also sick of hearing myself repeating. 

Also we tell you if you don't buy stuff or no stock, come back n tell us but you always n I mean always keep quiet dont say anything. What is that about? Very difficult to open your mouth to tell us? We always have to discover last min we don't have things because you fail to buy n tell us? How many times we need to
Remind you? "

The stupid one kept quiet after I finish telling her off. It's like it never occur to her that people been cutting her slack n still want to complain. 

I told her "I give u 10mins to think about it. If u resign, I won't expect u to pay me back. U can work still u find new employer n u give me one week
Notice before u go. That's the best offer I
Give you n I think I'm already very nice about it. You won't get this elsewhere. U want me to terminate you, u leave this instance." 

I gave her 30mins n dunno who she is calling. She hung up the phone when I
Walk in. So how? Resign or terminate. 

She meekly say she will resign. She ask "but I need to give you one month notice" I said "yes. But if u find some new employer I will release u n u need not pay me the remaining days of the month." She said "ok" 

No More defiance. Good I say. Now you can sign the letter n u let me know what date you want to write. 

I asked her. Can I have your word you will do your job properly during this time. She said yes. I ask her "can I trust u? Can baby trust you?"  She said meekly yes. 

I said ok and walk out. 

After that no thanks to her. I got a major sore throat from just telling her off. 

After I give her the boot, she worked better. All these crazy maids.